July 15, 2014

What to Say when you Talk to Yourself

What to Say when you Talk to Yourself from Cindy McAsey

Each of us is programmed from birth on, and as much as 75% or more of our programming may be negative or working against us. This outline gives you the basic's on how to erase and replace past mental programs with healthy, new programs that can be positively life-changing. The Book "What to Say When you Talk To Yourself" is considered by many to be one of the most important and helpful personal growth books ever written.  

June 17, 2014

98 yr old was told she was too old to drive. Watch what she does next!

Evelyn, a 98-year-old woman, suffered a blow to her independence when her driver’s license was revoked. 
Look at her! She doesn't look like she is 98 yrs old. As you listen to the video you will discover she's witty and wise too. 
Evelyn hadn't broken any laws, apparently someone of authority thought she was too old to drive. After the bus stopped giving rides (for no apparent reason) she took the issue into her own hands to help out a neighbor.

This video just makes you feel good inside...

What is your excuse. Make a Difference! #barefootalk
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