February 04, 2024

Building a Mindset for a Happy Life

You don't FIND a Happy Life...
You BUILD it!

So you might we wondering where do I start? 

Setting an intention may help.

Have you ever tried setting an intention for your day?
It's made a big difference for me!💗
😌 Setting a morning intention is like programming your brain for the day ahead. It sets the tone for your day and can help you prioritize tasks, stay focused, and even handle challenges better.
When I start my day with an intention, it doesn't mean that everything will go perfectly, but it helps keep me on track with what matters most.
How to Start Your Day with an Intention ✨
  1. Find a quiet moment in your morning routine, maybe while sipping your morning drink or after a short meditation.
  2. Take a deep breath and think about what you want from the day. What do you want to accomplish, how do you want to feel, or what mindset do you want to have?
Your intention can be as simple or fancy as you like. Here are some examples:
  • To focus on what’s going well
  • To complete a particular task
  • To be more patient throughout the day
  • To experience more joy
  • To stand up and move more
  • To eat in ways that nourish your body
  • Or, use an affirmation, like: “I am committed to my well-being journey. Today is an opportunity to grow and thrive in mind, body, and spirit.”
Tip: Experiment to see what kinds of intentions are most helpful for you.
I personally follow the "I choose Joy" daily routine.

Called the 4-G's
1. Gratitude: write 10 things your grateful for.
2. Goals: 1 Long Term and 2 Short Term
3. Growth: 30 min. of growing your mind
4. Grace: give grace to those on your mind you can't control and move on.

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May 23, 2016

Suffer from ANXIETY? ...Natural tips for keeping Anxiety at Bay

Although it's best to get to the root cause of anxiety, sometimes before that happens or while you are working on the "root" cause you just want to feel better.

If I'm speaking your language then listen up. A business associate, (Sara) shared her testimony on what helped her with anxiety and it was so compelling I wanted to share it with you.

Sara shared this about ANXIETY: okay friends, I just wanted to share because I had a breakthrough with my anxiety. I have had generalized anxiety for many years and was also diagnosed with PMDD (although I suspected hormonal imbalance). After many failed attempts with doctors and horrible trials with pharmas (which I was hesitant to try) I seem to be making great strides by DOUBLING and adding a few Shaklee new supplements. I wanted to pass on my regimen in the event that anyone either has anxiety or customers that are facing this issue.

Shaklee Life Shake for breakfast.
More protein the better.
Two B-Complex in the AM
One Vitamin E in AM
Vitamin C- sustained release in AM
Two OmegaGuard in AM
One magnesium in AM
Two Vita- Lea in AM
Two Vitamin D in AM
Two B- Complex in afternoon around slump hour
Two OmegaGuard in afternoon
One GLA (made a big difference)
One Magnesium afternoon
Prior to this I was on one Life Shake, one dose of B-Complex, one dose of OmegaGuard, one dose of Magnesium, and Vitamin D.
Added Vita Lea, Vitamin E, GLA, and doubled the rest. This made a huge difference.
I just wanted to share!

Shortly after Sara shared this a couple questions came along...
I have two questions. #1 How long did it take you to start seeing results? 
#2. I'm curious Why stress relief complex isn't in your regimen? I am so thankful that you posted this. You are going to help many people!

Sara's Reply...
"Honestly it doesn't help sustain for long periods of time. By the afternoon, I can feel my anxiety coming back. This is why I added the extra B's and extra OmegaGuard. Essentially, I can feel relief within an hour or two after supplementation that generally seems to last for about half of the day. So I know that about 4:30, my anxiety seems to peak- so about 3 I start taking my second round and then I don't have to worry about an anxiety peak at about 4:30.

That is why I didn't think the supplements were working, but they were- just not long enough to make it through the day. As for stress relief, it kind of makes me feel so relaxed that I don't much care for that feeling. Not sleepy, but I don't feel as sharp as I need to be at my job. I do like it, but more for times where I can kick back and relax. It would be a good weekend supplement for me or evening perhaps."

Everybody's body is different what works like clockwork for one person doesn't necessarily work like that for another. I personally have many customers that swear by Shaklee's Stress Relief Complex. They don't necessarily take it everyday just in times they know they will be under lots of stress. For my 86+ yr old Mom it's the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas. She now enjoys the holiday's again, instead of stressing out about it.

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